Summer Newsletter 2016

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This week marks the official end of summer. My kids are back in school, the fall gala season is underway and the calls have started for holiday celebrations.
You may have noticed the Ad Council’s commercial on TV talking about food waste. (View commercial here: This is a big issue for small family farms as well. In our continuing effort to support local agriculture we are pleased to be able to purchase excess fruits, vegetables, and meat from several local farms. This month’s specials incorporate 40 bushels of peaches we have purchased from Blades Orchard, chicken purchased from Groff’s Content Farm and greens purchased from Eco City Farms.
I would also like to introduce you to our newest team member Hillary Miller. Hillary brings an extensive event planning background to Geppetto Catering and is able to assist with your full service events. She can develop custom menus, provide fresh ideas, and handle all of your event details. She looks forward to working with you on your next celebration.
Hillary Miller
Senior Event Designer

As we welcome fall, our thoughts turn to football. I am sure you saw in the news that Cathy Lanier has accepted a job with the NFL as the head of security.
Congratulations to Cathy Lanier on her new role and join me in thanking her on her commitment to our region’s safety. We are proud to partner with The DC Police Foundation on this year’s Metropolitan Police Department “Family Field Day“. In past years the MPD officers were responsible for securing, preparing and serving the food. We felt that all officers should have the day off from cooking and decided to underwrite the catering. If you are interested in donating, please submit payment to the DC Police Foundation at this link:
As always, thanks for your support!
Josh Carin, Geppetto Catering, Inc.

Support MPD Family Field Day

The Metropolitan Police Department never stops working to keep us safe. This October, the MPD will hold a Family Field Day, where officers will relax with their families and friends, eating good food and playing games. This day is to honor those officers who protect our community. In past years, individual officers funded their MPD Field Day celebrations. This year, the DC Police Foundation would like to raise $10,000 to feed all MPD officers and their families. Additional funds will go directly to the youth and community outreach programs throughout the year.

Please support MPD Field Day and say thank you to our officers for keeping us safe:

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Serves 4
4 Fresh Peaches Sliced
4 Boneless Chicken Breasts
2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons of Butter
1 Tablespoon of Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon of Cider Vinegar
1/8 Teaspoon of Ground Allspice
2 Cups of Chicken Stock
Slice peaches and reserve any juices. Add chicken stock to reserve peach juice. In a large skillet brown chicken on both sides in olive oil. Gradually stir in chicken stock/ peach juice mixture, butter, brown sugar, and allspice. Bring to a simmer and cover for 5 minutes or until chicken reaches a temperature of 170 degrees. Serve over rice pilaf with your favorite vegetables. Enjoy!
August 17th, 2016:
The College Park Aviation Museumlaunches “The Windsock Arms” monthly happy hour. The College Park Airport has been home to a century of aviation history, and still operates today, making it the oldest continually operated airport in the world. Attend the next “Windsock Arms” happy hour on September 21st. For more info visit: The College Park Aviation Museum
August 31st, 2016: 
National Building Museum celebrated its last “ICEBERGS LATE NIGHT”. Geppetto Catering served BBQ as guests enjoyed the final evening of the exhibit. Chief Cathy Lanier stopped by as well. View National Building Museum’s new exhibit; “Timber City” until May 21, 2017.
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