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beef brisket sandwich

BBQ Testimonials

Washington has never been known for its great barbecue, but that might be starting to change.
~Anna Spiegel,

The tang of the vinegar, the sweetness of the ketchup and brown sugar, the heat of the crushed red pepper flakes and the slightly softened crunch of the shredded cabbage perfectly complement the flavors and texture of pulled pork.
~The Washington Post

Amazing day for Bethesda Farmers Market. My son (8 yrs old) says Ole Smokey BBQ smoked brisket is the BEST EVER!

Thanks so much for feeding us this weekend! The food was amazing. The brisket was tender and moist. The chicken and pork (my favorite) were just as yummy. I really like the flavor of the coleslaw with the tangy and spicy flavors - very different. Your sauce is also very good, I love the mixture of flavors making it spicy, tangy and sweet. What we really liked was the mild smoke flavor. Sometimes BBQ has such a smoky flavor it's overpowering and you don't get the full flavor of the meat. Now we know where we can get our BBQ fix in MD!  We will definitely call on you in the future and refer you to our HOA. Don't think I can tell my brother-in-law I found a MD source for BBQ.  Thanks again, great to see you today.

The BBQ was great and we heard so many good things about the food. You guys are awesome!

I'm originally from Tennessee, and I've had a lot of trouble finding good BBQ since I moved to DC a few years ago. Then I discovered this BBQ. Their pulled pork sandwich (which contains enough meat for about three sandwiches) is absolutely delicious, and for the amount of food you're getting the price is extremely reasonable. I'm definitely a new fan.

The pork was super tender and moist. It was surprisingly delicate, with a gentle smokiness that didn't overpower.
The brisket was excellent as well. The flavor was a little smokier, which I liked. The beef itself has a stronger flavor than the pork and can take a little more smoke.The slaw was a nice touch on top. The vinegar tang blended well with the other flavors and helped cut through the fattiness of the meat.

It was an exceptional BBQ, and I even put down the slaw that came with it, and to be honest, if there is one thing I hate-it's cole slaw. I swear, I never touch the stuff, but yesterday I did. And it was just that awesome. These guys represent.

Great prices, great flavor/texture, and generous portions. I'm a pretty harsh critic of bbq since I'm a native Texan, and this BBQ did not disappoint! I ordered the pulled pork with slaw on top.

When you do a few things well, that's OK. I have very high standards for BBQ, and the BBQ brisket sandwich did not disappoint. I know from experience that once you slice brisket you can almost see it drying out. Although it was pre-chopped, the brisket was still extremely moist, tender and loaded with tasty bark. I decided to add both cole slaw and sauce for so I could try them, and both exceeded my expectations. The Uptown Baker's Roll was a nice touch and a welcome change from the white bread buns you typically get.

The meat was incredibly flavorful and served in a huge portion. The texture i.e. how it was shredded was different than anything I have ever had. Having two options, pulled pork and beef brisket when they are cooked perfectly and complimented so harmoniously with a vinegar based nc style slaw and home-made bbq is all a bbq lover needs.