2019: A New Chance to Make a Difference

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The new year brings with it lots of opportunity to make a positive impact.

The year is yours—what will you do with it?

The start of a new year brings with it many opportunities for new beginnings and life-improvements. A new year is always a fresh start, a blank page, and a chance to build a new life.

One way that we’ve been committed to making a difference for several years now is through sustainability. Since we opened our doors in 1989, we’ve encouraged our clients to use recyclable and compostable products at all of the events we’ve catered. Today, our internal operations have become 100%, fully green. In fact, we’ve been named a “3 Star Certified Green Restaurant” by the Green Restaurant Association.

How do we do it?

  • We’re powered by wind energy
  • We recycle EVERYTHING, putting no waste into landfills
  • We turn our food scraps into compost
  • We recycle our cooking oils for the production of biodiesel fuel
  • Our grease trap collects grease and prevents it from entering the water table
  • We grow our own herbs for seasoning our recipes
  • We donate excess food to DC Central Kitchen

Overall, we try to do our part to give pack to the planet and preserve it for future generations. We’ve also worked to talk about how sustainability can be a personal, at-home focus. If being more green-minded and sustainable is one of your 2019 resolutions, definitely take a look at these at-home, easy-to-incorporate tips.

If your resolution involves something else altogether, or you haven’t made one yet, these ideas for making and keeping resolutions from SELF will give you some great inspiration. Either way, a new beginning and fresh start is always a good thing. We’re wishing you an incredible new year filled with all sorts of accomplishments and all sorts of amazing memories.

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