3 Key Factors to a Truly Unforgettable Wedding

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If your recent engagement has landed you here—let us start by saying congratulations! We love catering weddings because they are magical and moving and all things wonderful! After many years of working weddings, there are a few key factors that really stand out to us.

Chances are you want your day to be truly unforgettable, and that’s easier to do than you might think. Before anything and everything else, your wedding day needs to be a unique and special celebration of the love that you and your fiancé share. It should be personal to each of you, so while it’s likely that the day will consist of some traditional elements (a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception,) it’s also important that you throw some of your own flair in between all of that.

From your table names and seating charts to your menu offerings and music, there are lots of ways to showcase your special style. And that is the very best way to make your day truly unforgettable—by making it unique to you!

Our 3 favorite ways to personalize a wedding are:

Specialty menus

Table setting for an event party or wedding reception

Weddings often feature similar menus, so this is a great place to separate yourself and think outside of the box (or plate, if you will.) Select menu items that mean something to you or are things that guests have never seen before. We’ve recently updated our menu offerings to include some truly innovative dishes—have a sneak peek here!

Unique Highlights Include:

  • Pumpkin empanadas with honey dipping sauce
  • Vegetable stuffed crepes
  • Chicken parmesan lollipops
  • Endive spears with lobster avocado and grapefruit
  • Miniature Maryland crab cakes with chervil cream sauce
  • Mini fish tacos with gazpacho sips
  • Shrimp & grits cakes with bacon and hot sauce
  • Taco & Tequila sips
  • Candy apple desert cart

Meaningful Melodies

First wedding dance with fireworks of wedding couple.

If you’ve been to a few weddings, you might also notice some similar playlists and repeat songs. While the classics are always great, consider supplementing your song list with a few melodies that really mean something to you and your fiancé. By personalizing more than just your first dance song, you’ll create other magical moments throughout the night that will remind you to refocus on each other in the midst of the celebration.

Think about:

  • Songs that have reminded you of each other over the years, or have become important to your relationship
  • Important messages within the lyrics
  • Surprising your parents or soon-to-be mother and father-in-law with their wedding songs to create a memorable and nostalgic moment for all of you

Named Tables

Close up of place setting at wedding reception

Forget traditional table numbers and blaze your own path by naming each one after something special to you and your fiancé. Get imaginative and inspired, and teach guests something they may have never known about you as a couple.

Consider naming tables after:

  • places you’ve visited together
  • Lyrics to a special song or poem
  • Themes of one of your favorite movies or shows
  • Tributes to loved ones who have passed
  • Favorite bands
  • Items on your married couple bucket list
  • Themes of your favorite sports teams
  • Favorite quotes about love

The true, undeniable key to planning a wedding that guests will always remember is simply making it unique to you. The event is your time to shine as a couple, so make each aspect of it, from the very first save-the-date you send to the final song, all about you and your fiancé. Happy planning!

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