3 Quick Tips For Hosting A Company Barbecue

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Focus on these key elements to host a perfect corporate gathering

Summer is just around the corner, and businesses everywhere are planning annual company BBQs. These gatherings are important–they help coworkers and managers connect on personal levels and encourage everyone to step outside the office and enjoy each other’s company.

Fostering events that offer downtime and opportunities to truly conversate and connect really benefits a business in the long run. They help to bring teams closer, make people more comfortable with each other and set employees up for success. Studies show that downtime is an important aspect of being professionally successful. Taking breaks from difficult mental tasks helps to rejuvenate your brain and boosts morale.

If you’ve been put in charge of planning a company gathering this year, we have you covered! Our new menus offer delicious and smoky flavors that will help make any summer BBQ unforgettable. Here are a few of our favorite corporate barbecue planning tips:

  1. Get Great Games – You can’t go wrong with lawn bocce, some horseshoes or cornhole, but you can think outside of the box a little bit to expand on these traditional BBQ games. Think giant wooden yard dice, mega chess sets, ladder toss or lawn darts. It’s important to offer forms of entertainment to help coworkers break the ice, get comfortable chatting and start to unwind.
  2. Master Your Menu Offerings – What BBQ would be complete without some delicious smoked meats? Our menu features all of the summer flavors people crave most, and provides lots of well-rounded options for those following special diets or eating vegetarian. We combine our award-winning barbeque with local farm-fresh produce like squashes and portobello mushrooms to present absolutely delicious flavor combinations. Browse our menu for some mouth-watering package options.
  3. Dream Big With Vendors – If you can dream it, chances are we can make it happen. As a caterer, we work with all sorts of amazing vendors throughout the year that we can connect our clients to. Through years and years of experience, we’ve aligned ourselves with the very best, and are absolutely thrilled to be able to recommend our favorites. From rock walls to photo booths and dunk tanks, you can ensure that your coworkers will have a BBQ to remember!

As you plan all of the details for your next company gathering, don’t hesitate to give us a call. From neighborhood parties to corporate events and weddings, we absolutely love meeting new people from around the area and catering for them.

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