3 Steps to Hosting an Amazing Celebration for Your Favorite Graduate

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Host a graduation party to remember with these quick tips.

The caps and gowns are arriving, and high school and college seniors everywhere are counting down the days—graduation is almost here! Such an exciting time deserves a memorable celebration, so we’ve pulled together 3 of our best tips for hosting an amazing graduation party.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to cater many graduation parties. It’s such a special time. We recognize our loved one’s accomplishments and excitedly look ahead as they take the next steps in their future. If you’re planning this year and you want one less thing on your plate—we’re happy to help! Check out the menus we offer! One important thing keep in mind when planning your menu: if your graduation party is outdoors (as many are), you’ll want to choose foods that do well sitting in warm weather and sunshine.

Celebrating is always best done with delicious food, but there’s more to hosting a graduation party than just good eats. Here are the things you’ll want to remember as you plan:

  1. Bring the entertainment – The weather is getting nicer, so if you’re able, head outside for some games. Classics like cornhole and bocce always bring the fun, or get creative with a “who knows the graduate best” challenge. Hoping to encourage a little extra laughter? We found some super funny ideas at: https://www.playpartyplan.com/graduation-party-games-ideas/
  2. Bask in the memories – Keep in mind that the graduation party should be all about celebrating your guest of honor: the graduate. It’s about sending them off into the future with some inspiration. Consider creating a “best advice” book, where guests can provide life advice for the graduate or jot down their favorite memories of the past. These special mementos will become priceless keepsakes for your grad.
  3. Get creative with decor – This is another chance to truly personalize the day in honor of your favorite graduate. Consider creating some photo collages showcasing memorable moments throughout their childhood, or creating a banner that shows the graduate’s school photos progressing from grades K-12. Did your graduate have a preschool graduation, too? If you happen to have a photo, frame it side-by-side with their senior photo.

As you plan a wonderful celebration for your graduate, take a moment to consider these 3 ideas to ensure that they’ll have a party they will always remember. For a backyard BBQ, food help, more tips, or any vendor suggestions (if you’d like to have a DJ, photo booth or small floral arrangements,) please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always available as full-service event planners and caterers, and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions!

Geppetto would like to send our sincere congratulations to all 2019 graduates! We wish you all much success as you pursue your dreams and do big things!

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