4 Keys to Hosting the Perfect Graduation Party

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Learn how to host an unforgettable event for your favorite graduate

Graduation day is coming, and we can practically hear the pomp and circumstance melody floating through the air. This is such an exciting time of year for so many–and certainly an important cause for celebration.

We love to help cater graduation parties. It’s always amazing to see friends and family come together to cheer on someone’s accomplishments and look ahead to their future.The excitement over such a milestone is always contagious, and planning the menus for these events is always a blast!

If you’re in charge of planning the perfect graduation party for a loved one this year, we have you covered! Here are our 4 keys to hosting an event that will be sure to set your graduate off on the right foot:

  1. Games – Go classic with cornhole and bocce or get creative with jumbo jenga, yard dominos or trivia. Looking to add a little personal flare in honor of the graduate? Consider graduate-themed trivia with questions about various milestones from their life. No matter what you decide the perfect choice is for your crowd, planning some sort of game will provide hours of entertainment and lots of laughs.
  2. Momentos – Consider what the graduation party is really about: celebrating the graduate’s accomplishments and wishing them continued success for the future. For an inspiring twist on a traditional guest book, create a “life advice” book, where people can leave their best hindsight for the graduate as they embark on their next adventures. Another great idea is to create a memory book. Have guests sign the memory book and then write their very favorite memory of a time they spent with the graduate. These types of momentos can become precious keepsakes and truly priceless gifts for the guest of honor.
  3. Event-Friendly Foods – One very important thing to consider when planning graduation party foods is that many people who attend likely have other graduation parties to head to the same day. Often, people bounce around from celebration to celebration during such a busy time. If you think that many of your guests likely know multiple graduates, consider offering foods that encourage grazing and stay fresh and delicious over an extended period of time. This will enable guests to pop in and out of your party, and enjoy some snacks while they do. This popcorn bar idea from HGTV is one of our favorites!
  4. Decor – This is your chance to really personalize the day in honor of your grad. Consider decorating with photo collages showcasing memorable moments, or create a banner that shows the graduate’s school photos in grades K-12. If they love a certain theme like The Great Gatsby or Star Wars, consider making a themed event for some extra fun.

As you plan ahead for your graduate’s big bash, think about these 4 key factors to ensure that they’ll have the graduation party of the summer. For food help, additional tips, or vendor suggestions (in case you want to add a DJ, photo booth or some floral arrangements,) don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always available and happy to answer your questions.

Congratulations to all of the 2018 graduates! We wish you all of the best as you continue to pursue your dreams!

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