4 Simple Reasons that Rainy Weddings are the Best Weddings

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If mother nature sends clouds to share in your special day, you might want to celebrate.

Lately, there’s been a lot of rain—and there’s likely even more headed our way. Overall, the spring and summer seasons bring many rain showers, but spring and summer are also the peak of wedding season. This issue inspired us to think about all the ways rainy weddings can be transformed into truly magical ones. And we just had to share our findings with all of you. If you’re planning your special day during spring or summer and the day turns out to be a wet one, use a little bit of this positive perspective and enjoy every drop!

  • Phenomenal Photography – Almost all photographers prefer cloudy days for shooting, and rain provides an extra element of magic. Cloudy, overcast days are said to produce a softer, more glowy light—one that helps ensure flattering, beautiful pictures. Rainy day wedding photos are exceptionally beautiful—from the way the light glistens through the water to the ambiance it provides, you are sure to be thrilled with the outcome. And, who knows—if you’re very lucky, you may even catch a rainbow. Get inspired by this gorgeous rainy wedding photo gallery from Bridal Guide. You might just find yourself hoping for stormy weather.
  • Natural Cooling – If you’re having an outdoor wedding, things can get hot this time of year. Even in the evenings, that heat can be difficult to control. Sure, you could set up fans, but a few storms can be much more effective. A little rain can provide the perfect air conditioning to keep dancing guests comfortable, and can be beautiful to watch, too—(from under a tent or other structure.)
  • Fresh Scents – There’s nothing like the crisp smell of nature after a rainfall. It’s soothing and invigorating. Rain washes away the pollen that can coat things throughout local warmer seasons, eliminating the possibility of allergies from airborne pollen “dust.” Overall, opening up your nose to fresh, crisp, air that has been “cleansed” by rain will let you taste the delicious food better, too. Bon appetite!
  • Ramped-Up Romance – How many classic movies can you think of that have romantic kissing scenes? The Notebook comes to our mind immediately. (And if you don’t know what we’re referring to, definitely don’t miss this one.) Yes—there’s something amazingly romantic about rain that can’t be denied. Tap into some of that ambiance and let the peaceful sound surround you and your loved ones throughout the night.

As your wedding day approaches, you might find yourself anxiously watching the weather. We’re here to tell you that even if you see clouds and rain appear in the forecast, your day is going to be absolutely perfect. Also—we’d love the opportunity to help make it perfect for you, so please reach out to us anytime, browse our sample wedding menus, tell us about your plans, or ask questions. We hope to hear from you!

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