A 5-Star Valentine’s Day Dinner—From Home

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and restaurants are booking up as we speak. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could avoid all of the crowds, and have an intimate, romantic 5-star Valentine’s dinner from the comfort of your own home? It’s very possible—and we’re here to help! We’ve pulled together our very favorite elements that make a perfect date night from start to finish, so read on!

The ambiance

Beautiful young couple in love

Gather some candles for soft lighting and create a romantic and personal playlist to play softly in the background. Consider adding small touches to your table area that you wouldn’t normally have during a meal, such as a fancy tablecloth or dishes, folded cloth napkins (which you can learn to fold yourself thanks to Architectural Digest here,) or a floral centerpiece. You can even move furniture around to create the effect that you and your date are somewhere new— (maybe a posh, fancy French restaurant that only seats one couple at a time)—rather than just in your dining room.

The meal

Couple in love cooking at home, woman embracing man.

Preparing a delicious meal for your date on Valentine’s Day will certainly win their heart! Not only will you avoid high prices, loud, crowded restaurants and long waits, but you will be personally working to impress your loved one. These Valentine’s Day menus from Bon Appetit will earn you 5-star restaurant status right from your home kitchen! For other innovative food inspiration, check out our latest menus, too!

The message

Young woman writing a valentine card

Take a moment to write a meaningful message to your Valentine’s date in a card, and place it at their seat on the table. All of your work will certainly do the talking for you—but this small added touch will serve as a take-home keepsake. Unsure of what to write? Check out these message tips from the King of cards—Hallmark.

The way we see it—prepping and impressing your date to this extent on Valentine’s Day can only have one setback: you’re setting the bar SO high you might never surpass it! We wish you all a very happy and special Valentine’s Day.

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