Being Green: A Focus on our Sustainability

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How Geppetto Catering became 100% Green

Every year as Earth Day approaches, we find ourselves feeling extra proud to be a fully-green caterer. Our focus on sustainability isn’t always easy, but it’s something that we’ve been dedicated to for years, and have come to master.

Since our start in 1989, we wanted to use earth-friendly products and encourage our clients to do the same as well. We’ve worked hard to push this initiative with the help of all sorts of efforts and resources, and can now say that our internal operations are 100% green. We’ve also been named a “3-Star Certified Green Restaurant” by the Green Restaurant Association.


We rely on the combination of a lot of different tactics to be truly sustainable. While we do recycle all of the products we use, from cans and bottles to plastics, paper and cardboard, there are a lot of other green initiatives we use. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Wind Energy – wind energy helps power the operations of our facility. Wind is considered a clean fuel source, because it doesn’t pollute the air.
  • Composting – we compost all of our trash, including eating utensils, serving platters and food leftovers. Not only does this help us get rid of things in a very mindful way, but it benefits the soil, too.
  • Recycling – our recycling doesn’t just stop at plastics, paper and cans. We also recycle our cooking oils for the production of biodiesel fuel and have a self-contained grease trap at our building to collect all grease and prevent it from entering the water table. Even our work uniforms are made of fully-recycled cotton.
  • Preserving – we work to save the resources we use, from electricity to water. Our faucets are low-running, which means they waste less water whenever used, and our lights have sensors so they are able to automatically turn off whenever they aren’t in use, and on whenever they’re needed.
  • Tapping into nature – we use as many natural resources as we can. We have our own gardens, where we grow and harvest many of the fresh herbs used in our recipes, and we have honeybee hives on our roof. The bees are actually tended to by Geppetto Catering owner Joshua Carin, himself, and we’re able to use their delicious honey in many of our recipes, too.
  • Supporting Local Farms/Businesses – we work hard to show our local support by using produce from family farms across the area and sourcing much of our wine from the surrounding community.

These practices have become like second-nature to us, and we truly wouldn’t be “Geppetto Catering” without them. Our sustainability sets us apart from the rest, and is something we are very passionate about. Earth Day is an everyday thing for us. It’s our planet and our home, and something that deserves our very best care. If you’re looking to cater a truly sustainable event that is delicious, decadent and truly unique, we’d love to help you!

Check back soon for part 2 of our sustainability blog, where we’ll discuss how simply green-focused processes can be implemented at home and throughout your daily practices. A few mindful tweaks made by a lot of individuals can make a huge impact. The Earth will thank you!

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