Boost Business Benefits with Company Gatherings

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Hosting an office holiday party can do a lot to boost the overall morale of your employees. An article from Entrepreneur highlighted that Globoforce stated 78% of all people who go to work between 30 and 50 hours a week spend more time with their co-workers than they do with their own families. That’s a big deal.


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Employees who have great relationships with their managers and co-workers tend to be both happier and more engaged at work. That means that boosting employee morale can lead to a boost in all sorts of other things as well, like sales, customers and overall company success.

Globoforce also pointed out that 94% of employees said they like being recognized for accomplishments at work. (Really, who doesn’t?) So what better way to help recognize all of your hard-working staff than to throw them a party or host a work event where they can truly enjoy themselves?

A large company gathering can do a large amount of good, like:

  • Re-energize your workforce
  • Create deeper employee friendships, (and work friendships drive work happiness)
  • Provide valuable bonding experiences
  • Allow necessary time to unwind and recharge
  • Let your employees know that they are valued


People racing by riding a desk chair, a toy car, and a scooter

A recent Inc. article mentioned that when people play games together it actually encourages them to practice certain skills like: compromising, meeting each other’s needs and working together as a team. These are incredible traits that anyone would want their employees to exhibit and practice. Inc. suggests adding a ping-pong table to the office break room, or bringing a karaoke machine in once a month, but we think this concept can (and should) be carried over into larger events as well.

If you’re hosting a celebratory work function, consider planning some fun games or activates, and design the presentation of food in a way that it will encourage people to hang out and talk. Get creative with what you offer. This month, for example, Geppetto Catering is hosting a Pumpkin Carving Contest. This holiday-themed event is sure to generate a bunch of fun, and is open to more than just our employees. There’s a great prize involved, and we offer up to 10 FREE pumpkins per off that we drop off for contestants. (By the way, time is limited, but if you’d like to join in this team-building event, give us a call at (301) 927-8800.)

Fun events can be a great ice breaker, and work especially well for large companies whose different divisions might not have the opportunity to interact often, or who haven’t gotten to know each other well. They make great memories, too, that workers are sure to talk about for years to come.


Employees dancing in the office

Hosting a holiday event for your office can also help to re-invigorate your employees and provide some much-needed relaxation. Relaxed employees tend to talk about things besides work when they’re out of work, which is great! Coworkers can find things in common with each other, which leads to stronger work relationships, and a little bit of down time goes a long way to bringing everyone back to work energized.

We’ve been a part of some amazing work functions over the years, and have seen first-hand the positive impact they can have on everyone from company presidents to co-workers. People enjoy the opportunity to dress up, taste fun new foods, and experience a night out of the office and on the town.


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