Breathe New Life into Holiday Leftovers

Dec 19, 2017 Posted in Community No Comment

With Christmas just a week away, you’re likely thinking of ways to get your family involved in the community this year. Between the giving tree at the mall, toys for tots drives and coat collections, you may not know where to start.

One wonderful way to help people during this season that many often overlook comes in the form of your holiday leftovers. This year, before you toss any remaining food or package it up for 3rd and 4th servings, consider providing someone in need a warm meal instead by looking into these options:

Reach out to local churches and soup kitchens

Many will gratefully accept and serve donated food to those in need, and have worked to design programs surrounding this concept.

Look for a “meal train” program

Reach out to your personal networks. Have you heard of a family who recently lost things in a fire or suffered the loss of a loved one? Consider starting a meal train program for this family, and helping to gather others to donate food items as well.

Contact the Food Donation Connection

(partner with the National Restaurant Association)

This non-profit organization will help you to find the best places to donate food nearby. Visit their website at:

According to, Americans throw away about $165 billion worth of food every year, and waste 40% of the food they purchase. In just one year, 35 million tons of food are wasted across the United States. Reducing food waste by just 15% would be enough to feed over 25 million Americans every year. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

This year, instead of letting food go to waste, share a bit of the wealth with those who would most appreciate it. Together, our blessings can feed many who might otherwise go hungry.

Thank you for joining us on this mission!

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