Company BBQs and Corporate Catering, Oh My! Let us help you plan the perfect event.

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Turn your attention to these quick company event tips and give your coworkers & employees the celebration they deserve.

The pollen boom is passing, warmer days are on the way, and summer is just around the corner. Throughout the DC and Maryland area, many companies are planning annual events for their employees. From fancy corporate catering to simple, smoky BBQ, these get togethers are truly important. They help employers and employees connect with each other on more personal levels and encourage everyone to step outside into the sunshine. These kinds of events can go a long way toward boosting employee morale, keeping co-workers happy, and job-related stress.

 Benefits of fun work events include:

  • Increased company communication
  • Team bonding
  • Greater comfort levels between employees and management
  • Increased energy / rejuvenation to return to work
  • Boosts in overall company morale
  • Decreased stress
  • Strengthened relationships

It’s easy to see why hosting some sort of spring/summer celebration could benefit your business, but it can be harder to know where to start to make it happen. If you’re tasked with planning your company’s employee event this year, don’t worry—we’ve pulled together all of the most important information you need. As a local caterer, we have connections to the best vendors across the community, and can help you to plan each step of the way. Our online menus feature delicious flavors designed to please a large variety of palates. Combine these with the quick-tips listed below, and you’ll host a celebration that everyone will love.

  1. 3 Cheers for Competition– Nothing brings people out of their shell and makes them laugh more than a little friendly competition, which is why your event needs some fun and games. If you’re out in the fresh air and sunshine, consider the classics: cornhole, horseshoes, and bocce. Consider a full game of kickball or maybe some business-related trivial. If you’re looking for shorter events that encourage company bonding, check out these fun ideas from HubSpot. Ultimately, you know your coworkers best, so get creative and choose something that they will enjoy.
  2. Tickle their taste buds – Determine what type of food offerings would be best received, and plan around that. If a fancier, summer/spring soiree is what you had in mind, we have just the menu ideas you need. If a casual company BBQ is more up your alley, our menu features smoked meats, all the must-have sides and an award-winning sauce. We pride ourselves on offering lots of variety for anyone with unique food allergies, diets or eating preferences. Browse our BBQ menu for some mouth-watering package options. If you’re looking to bring your own dishes and want to impress, these ideas from TinyPulse will give you plenty of inspiration!
  3. Bring the ‘wow factor’ with outside vendors– When it comes to vendors and exciting entertainment, you’re really only limited by your imagination. Chances are, if you can dream it up, we can ensure that it will happen. As a caterer, we have the pleasure of working with amazing vendors from the surrounding community all year long. We regularly connect our clients to all sorts of fun options, from photo booths and photoshoots to DJ’s and even rock walls—we have what you’re looking for! Reach out and ask at any time. We pride ourselves on being more than a full-service caterer, and are happy to put our event expertise to work for you!
  4. Make music– Whether your event is inside or outside, consider securing a DJ (or even just some some speakers) to provide a soundtrack to your fun. Music helps people to let loose and relax, and encourages them to linger longer. SocialTables put together this quick list of things to consider when selecting corporate event music. It can be tricky to develop the right play list for your group, but there’s lots of helpful pre-planned playlists available online if you get stuck.

Think about these amaze-factors and plan away! Most importantly, have fun while you do. Company events are all about the best asset your business has: it’s people. Work to create an atmosphere where they can truly unwind, and provide care and support that helps people feel passionate about working for you. As you plan all of the details to perfection, don’t hesitate to reach out. From graduation, neighborhood and company parties to galas, soirees and weddings, there’s nothing we love more than meeting new people from the community and providing them with the best catering experience ever.

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