Corporate Catering – Part I

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Our roots lie in the corporate catering world, and helping to pull off unforgettable events in this arena is one of our very favorite things to do. For over 25 years, we’ve worked to provide quality catering services during countless corporate events. For our next 2-part blog series, we’d like to discuss what goes into these events and helps us to take them from satisfactory to stellar.


When a client reaches out to us about a corporate event, we always work to meet with them before planning the details. Sitting down in-person allows us to better understand their vision, and to then make that vision a reality. The consultation process is one that we take seriously and value deeply.

Many people assume that a caterer’s job is simple: prepare and bring the food. We pride ourselves on being different and providing clients with a full-service feeling that’s hard to find elsewhere. When we sit down to discuss catering an event during a consultation, we discuss the event itself from start to finish. Instead of asking when you want your food delivered, for example, we’ll ask what time you envision the guests actually eating. We work to think of everything through the tiniest details and to streamline the process from order through delivery.


In general, clients enjoy mixing and matching menu options to ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our philosophy, however, is to focus on simplification. Too many choices can make more popular food options run out, and leave the final person in line scrounging after leftovers. Our overall goal during corporate catering events is to make sure the first person in line and the last person in line are presented with the same quality choices and have the quality same experience.

For hot lunches, we generally recommend:

  • 2 proteins (ex. chicken and fish)
  • 1 starch (ex. pasta or potatoes)
  • 1 veggie
  • 1 salad
  • Rolls
  • Desert

For cold lunches, we offer fresh, sliced lunch meat sandwiches of all different varieties. We provide little touches that mean a lot to our clients as well, for example paper-wrapping the sandwiches and slicing them in halves so guests can see their options and pick them up without touching other sandwiches (or having their sandwich touched by others). Check out our menu online to see the variety of options we’re able to provide.

Join us again next week as we discuss the things that truly set us apart and make us proud, from green-focused catering and social responsibility to the inspiration behind our process. In need of catering services? Reach out at any time!

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