Fresh Ideas for a Fantastic Spring or Summer Wedding

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From outfits to meals and flowers, these quick-tips will have you seeing the light!

It’s finally feeling and looking like spring—with fresh blooms and green grass everywhere. If the spring season inspires you like it does us, we’ve pulled together some amazing ideas for a 2020 spring or summer wedding that is truly fresh!


The spring sun means we can lighten up a bit—both literally and figuratively. Consider bridal gowns with sheer details, bridesmaid dresses in soft, pale colors (or even florals,) and forgo the classic black tux for a pale suit or blazer.


Heavy meals don’t always compliment light, spring weather—and they aren’t a necessity. Have you thought about swapping them out for plentiful hors d’ oeuvres of all different styles and flavors? Lighten your cake up, too—go naked and add some spring sprigs and florals or fresh berries.

Daylight savings is well underway. Take advantage of this with al fresco dining. The open air will feel lovely—but have a backup plan in case of rain. Consider hosting your reception in a nature-oriented spot, from across sprawling farmland to intimate gardens and forests, there’s plenty of beauty in nature to compliment your vision.


Set a spring-y tone with your save the dates and invites by pulling in watercolors, pale pastels, and floral accents. Add a personal and nature-focused touch to your seals—whether they’re wax or a simple stamp.


Skip the well-groomed bouquets and substitute freshly-picked blooms instead. A wild, lush bouquet is just as beautiful as a classic bundle of roses. At the reception, spruce up your floral accents by letting them overflow with greenery.

Going Green

Consider producing a fully eco-friendly, green event from start to finish. We’ve become pros at this—and nothing quite completes a beautiful “green-minded” theme so well. From beautiful bamboo plates and utensils to a thoroughly thought out clean up process, we have you covered here! We’re proud to be a fully green caterer—have a peek at our processes by looking through our “What does it take to be a fully green caterer?” blog.


Looking for something green, lasting, and symbolic? Consider giving each guest a small evergreen spruce. These individual sprouts will grow to be tall trees if planted—and can serve as a reminder of your growing love. If you’re looking to go simpler, evaluate small herb plants—from rosemary and thyme to basil and oregano—these can be lovely, useful parting gifts.

Your wedding should be all about you—and each detail should hold a special meaning to your heart. If spring is your favorite time of year and you’re passionate about the rebirth of nature around you—give us a call anytime! It’s time to start planning!

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