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As obvious as it seems, it is often overlooked that without farms, we would have no food. According to the American Farmland Trust, over 40 acres of U.S. farm and ranch land are lost every hour. This land grows our food, and so this statistic should scare us a bit.

Farms are being threatened by land loss, soil erosion, pollution, weather hazards, and more. But little by little, people are banding together to do something about it. American Farmland Trust has made it their mission “to save the land that sustains us by protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land.”


The term “farm-to-table” is often heard today and refers to a movement of people who are concerned with producing our food locally rather than importing everything. They place focus on organic farming, agriculture that is sustainable, and recipes that focus on fresh, healthy ingredients.

In many instances, it seems like our eating trends have come full-circle. Just two generations ago, many lived off the land. Shortly after that, however, food from cans became a convenient alternative and people relished preservatives that helped keep their food “fresh” through the cold winter months. There was little talk about nutrition and chemicals and food became increasingly intertwined.

As we become more educated about what we eat, however, we seem to be re-thinking these tactics. Across the U.S. and beyond, there is a sudden and strong push to go “back to basics” as far as recipes and ingredients are concerned, and to be healthier individuals because of it.


We get it now. Our bodies are being hurt by all the artificial ingredients out there. They are craving whole, real food. Although cooking whole, real food is less convenient and more time consuming than the store-bought alternative, the benefits of doing so far outweigh the inconveniences.

As a health-conscious caterer, we are always looking for delicious, whole-food recipes. These tried-and-true favorite recipes from Cooking Light are a great place to start gathering some inspiration.

Farmer’s markets are also excellent spots to support local and snag fresh produce. Bringing home food with an expiration date will push you to try new things and cook in a timely fashion. It can also be worth traveling to a farm to pick your own fruits and veggies. Farms offering this option help put faces to farming and allow you to get your hands on the very freshest possible produce.


Experts agree that as we collectively educate ourselves on eating healthy, the farm-to-table movement will become a permanent thing. Old and new generations alike have a new-found appreciation for extending and enriching their lives by being mindful about nutrition and quality. The benefits of this new food-focus are sure to be plentiful.

In the next blog we will discuss the proven benefits of eating organic and whole foods, review some fresh-farming techniques and introduce some of our very favorite farm friends!

This is part 2 in our Farm Fresh series. Read part 1 (It’s Time to Get Fresh).

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