Get Romantic with an Amazing Surprise this Valentine’s Day

Jan 24, 2020 Posted in Tips No Comment

We have just the trick to surprising your loved one with a Valentine’s Day they’ll remember forever.

Valentine’s Day usually starts with the very best intentions. Most couples look around for cards that speak from the heart and scramble to get reservations somewhere candle-lit and romantic. But have you ever thought about avoiding the crowds and bringing the romance and intimacy to a place that’s most personal to you—your home? At Geppetto Catering, we offer incredible delicious and romantic meals, rich with flavor delivered right to your door.

Here’s how we envision your next romantic date night or Valentine’s Day celebration:

  • Create the ambiance – light some candles, grab a tablecloth, a table and chairs. Set up a table the way you would see it at a fancy restaurant—multiple utensils, folded napkins, (learn how to fold them here,) and a floral centerpiece. Transform your home into the high-end restaurant of your dreams—the more unrecognizable the better.
  • Personalize a playlist – create a playlist that is special and unique to you and your partner…and have the music playing softly in the background.
  • Make it memorable – add a card, a poem, or some photos to the table in place of a traditional menu. You’ll surprise your loved one and create a beautiful memory that they are sure to treasure.
  • Plan a perfect menu – call us to plan your perfect Valentine’s Day menu, then let us create it and deliver it to you, while you focus on your vision and your beautiful date. Browse some of our sample menus here.

This year, don’t stress about calling early enough to get into the perfect restaurant with hundreds of other couples. Keep things personal, unique and surprising by calling us, instead. We’re happy to help you craft the catered dinner of your dreams, and make incredible memories with your forever Valentine!

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