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#GivingTuesday and our Commitment to Community Support

The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been named “Giving Tuesday”—and it’s all about encouraging donations to charity after black Friday holiday shopping. There are tons of great ways to give back locally, and they don’t all involve money. We’ve broken down a few of our favorite ways to give back throughout the year, and have highlighted a couple of outstanding organizations that are always looking for more support. If you see one that especially speaks to you, we encourage you to reach out at any time.

Our giving back focus centers around 3 main areas: work force development, arts education and housing. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to form deep bonds with several community organizations, and have been able to partner with them to make a positive impact. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of those organizations, a look at their goals, and how they depend on volunteers.

THEARC – The ARC is made up of 3 buildings, farmland and a playground which all sit on a sprawling 16.5 acre plot of land. It is a humanitarian mall which provides world-class services to help improve the lives of those in Washington D.C. east of the Anacostia River community. Together with supporting organizations, they help to provide access to high-quality programs focused on: health, culture, education, recreation and social service.

They plan all sorts of amazing community initiatives and events, but one that we feel especially passionate about is their Building Bridges program. This program helps to ensure healthy food access by using plots of farmland to produce sustainable food for years, and teaching community members to grow different, delicious farm-fresh produce. The farmland has a tree fruit orchard, culinary herb garden and bee boxes.

How can you get involved? Feeling ready to farm? THEARC accepts volunteers throughout the year. Just head here to check out the opportunities—and you’ll always leave with a bag of produce as a “thank you.”

National Building Museum – The National Building Museum works to inspire and teach about the impact of architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, design and more. In addition to this, however, they offer a teen program/course designed to empower local students to better evaluate the people, processes and materials that help to create the places and buildings that surround us. They focus on the development of critical skills like problem solving, analysis, creative brainstorming and teamwork. As a local caterer, we’ve been able to provide the food for students during these programs—and providing healthy food has made such a difference! We’ve been inspired to see and hear of the impacts that health meals have on students—who seem to have greater focus and energy throughout the day.

How can you get involved? Just head over to their support page online to check out the many ways that you can help to lend a hand.

Building Homes – Each year, in partnership with Rebuilding Together- Montgomery County, the employees of Geppetto Catering come together to help renovate a home for a family in need. So far, we’ve helped on six homes. It feels great to be able to benefit the community this way, and to give people who are very much deserving. To get involved in this initiative, just contact me at We’d love to have you join us!

D.C. Central Kitchen – D.C. Central Kitchen fights hunger—but they fight it very uniquely. They work to implement lasting tactics that help break the cycle of hunger and poverty. Not only have we partnered with D.C. Central Kitchen over the years, we’ve also employed the graduates of their program.

How can you get involved? There’s tons of ways to “be a hunger fighter” with D.C. Central Kitchen. Just click here to see them all and get started.

Over the years, we’ve found that giving back isn’t really just about the people you help over the years—it’s actually a gift to yourself, too. Join us in helping support the local community—not just on Giving Tuesday or during the holiday season, but all year long.

Looking for additional Washington D.C. volunteer/service opportunities? Check out the extensive list on

For those who may not be able to donate their time many organizations can benefit from monetary donations as well. Below is a list of great organizations in the D.C. area that we’ve supported for years:

  • Levine Music
  • National Building Museum
  • Dumbarton House
  • Don Bosco Cristo Rey

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