Holiday Hosting: 5 Pro Tips & Tricks

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Get festive and have fun with some careful prep & planning.

Are you hosting a holiday gathering soon? Planning on having friends over to ring in the new year? You’re likely feeling excited—and maybe a little stressed, too. Hosting can be high-pressure, but the memories that come out of it can be truly wonderful. This week, we’ve pulled together our favorite creative holiday hosting ideas.

  1. Cook ahead – As a frequent caterer of large events, we’re big fans of cooking ahead when it makes sense. Soups and stews are great wintertime foods—and great for this purpose as well. Consider cooking and freezing them ahead of time, and warming them in the crock pot before friends arrive. Stock up on easy snacks, too, that don’t need to be kept warm or refrigerated. Crackers, chips, nuts and dried fruit are great “nibbling” options for guests. Of course, catering your holiday party is always an option as well…and one that we’re happy to help with any time. Contact our team to discuss sample menus and learn how we can help ease the food prep part of hosting.
  2. Simplify your drink options – The traditional champagne bowl punch will keep guests coming back for more and not overfill them. Well plated shared a great recipe for refreshing champagne punch here.  Not only will this drink taste great, but it will look beautiful as well. To keep the drink chilled without much fuss, consider adding frozen berries or a beautiful ice ring filled with mint and pomegranate.
  3. Get organized – Keep planning more peaceful by creating to-do lists, grocery lists, and a written-out timeline. The more you prep ahead of time, the more smoothly and carelessly the actual event will go.
  4. Call in backup – Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other family members, or have a few of your closest friends come early to help with prep. The more helpful hands, the merrier.
  5. Amplify the ambiance – Use your favorite radio app and a Bluetooth speaker to play the perfect holiday playlist, deck the halls with welcoming décor, and add some warm lighting.

Most importantly, however—don’t forget to have fun. So often, those who host holiday events are too busy to step back and enjoy. Be sure to share stories, enjoy a few laughs and catch up. Create moments of relaxation…not just for guests, but for yourself. Happy holidays, everyone!

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