How to Make Unique and Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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A creative twist on your Turkey Day stuffing, potatoes and deserts

Thanksgiving is just about here—and we spend lots of time thinking about how to cook the juiciest turkey and perfect those pies—but we don’t always give much thought to getting creative with our side dishes. The holiday generally brings a select few classic side dishes, but these traditional tastes have lots of room for imaginative recipe twists and tweaks. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite unique holiday side dish recipes from around the web just in time to be added to your turkey day repertoire. Who knows—you might find a new family favorite!

  • BAGEL STUFFING – You can’t possibly go wrong with a warm, fresh bagel, which makes this beloved bread a great ingredient for savory stuffing. There are a huge variety of bagel stuffing recipes online, and we fully support experimenting with (and taste testing) all of them…but we’re chosen a few to highlight here. This bagel stuffing recipe from The Chew and Carla Hall, for example, brings together all sorts of America’s favorite bagels—from poppy seed to pumpernickel and, of course, everything. This bagel stuffing recipe from Rachel Ray is likely hard to beat. It combines two beloved b’s: bagels and bacon. Finally, if you’re a fan of the truly traditional, this tasty bagel stuffing recipe from Momtastic is sure to please.


  • POTATO TAKEOVER – This year, consider swapping out the traditional mashed potatoes and gravy for a more innovative and fun twist on this popular root veggie. Not sure how to add some fun flair? Consider these Fried Mashed Potato Balls from Redbook, complete with cheesy, chive-y, bacon-y goodness on the inside. Looking for something a bit classier? These fondant potatoes from All Recipes are addictive. They combine delicately crispy, seasoned outsides with savory rich and creamy insides. Hoping for more appetizers and less sides? This warm, creamy Tuscan Style Potato Soup perfectly blends notes of sage and garlic for a memorable start to your holiday feast.


  • CREATIVE CASSEROLE – Green bean casseroles are served across America on Thanksgiving, and most have those flavorful crispy fried onions on top, but this recipe upgrade from delish ditches the fried onions and swaps them with crunchy, breaded onion rings! Looking to go less fried? Think fresh with this al fresco twist on traditional green bean casserole from Hipfoodiemom. It combines home-grown ingredients like fresh mushrooms, thyme, cream, Parmesan Reggiano cheese, butter, sliced onion and, of course, green beans. Or, for a more robust version of this family favorite, try Seeded at the Table’s Chicken Rice Green Bean Casserole.


  • DREAMY DESERTS – Celebrate fall by blending one of the season’s classic flavors with a year-round delight: apple cider donut cake. This desert from Martha Stewart will keep guests coming back for more. Not your cup of tea? Everyone likes cheesecake, so why not surprise your holiday guests with these inventive sweet potato cheesecake squares. Hoping to present some sweet finger foods instead? These peanut butter and chocolate swiss rolls from Food & Wine are the perfect way to indulge, and combine fudgy cake with fluffy filling.

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are all about spending time with friends and family. Surprise them with a few new twists to the traditional fare this year and enjoy some extra smiles.

Do you have a unique holiday recipe to share? We’d love to hear all about it below!

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