Holiday Party Prep: The 3 “T’s” to throwing a Super Celebration

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If you’re hosting a holiday party—have a peek at these quick tips first!

The holiday season is an incredibly busy time of year—between all the hustle and bustle, the shopping and the gatherings, it can be difficult to squeeze everything in. We’ve pulled together a few of our most unique and important tips, so that planning can be done with ease. Consider these tweaks in the typical holiday party process:

  • TIMING – Almost ALL holiday parties are held between December 1 and January 1. Because this is such a busy time for everyone, consider switching things up by hosting your holiday-themed party just after 2019 begins. This is when most schedules tend to open back up and things begin to settle down—allowing for more friends and family to attend and for a more leisurely and enjoyable event.


  • TRADITIONS – Change the typical to host an event that guests will truly remember. Consider serving a variety of appetizers, fun finger foods and hors d’ oeuvres throughout the evening instead of a large holiday meal, for example, or starting your New Year’s party after 10 o’ clock to prevent the pre-midnight lull as guests await the countdown and get tired. These one-bite hors d’oeuvres from Saveur are sure to please! After the midnight countdown and the new year has begun, pull out some sweet deserts to keep the energy going and boost celebrations.


  • TRANSPORTATION – After guests have toasted with delicious cocktails (check our recent Facebook feed for a few of our very favorites), it’s important to have a transportation plan in place. As the host, you have the responsibility of making sure that people get home safely. Don’t be afraid to take keys, call an Uber, or allow guests to spend the night as needed. This is the key to a truly successful event.


By switching up the traditional party plan, you can better craft a night for guests to remember, and can allow them the freedom to truly enjoy it. For meal ideas, sweet treat recipes and more, look through our blog or reach out at any time. We’d love to hear from you. Wishing you a wonderful, amazing, perfect and filled-with-fun holiday season!

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