In-Home Sustainability: 6 Key Steps

Apr 30, 2018 Posted in Community No Comment

It can be easy to be green.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Earth Day celebration! As you know well if you know us, Geppetto Catering has long had a focus on sustainability and green-minded catering. We strongly believe in giving back to the environment that supports us and supports our passion. Our catering processes are now 100% green—a fact that we are truly proud of and that we discussed in last week’s blog.

Being green isn’t just for the business world, though. It can be done in the comfort and convenience of your own home—and chances are, it’s easier than you think. If you’d like to work on being more environmentally friendly but don’t know where to start, we have some great pointers for you!


  1. Use Less Gas – When you have errands to run, try to group them, so they can all be done in one quick, efficient point in time. If possible, consider biking to accomplish your errands rather than riding in the car.
  2. Conserve Water – Opt for low-flow faucets and shower heads and consider collecting rain water from outside in barrels to be reused.
  3. Soak up some Sun – Install solar panels on your roof, or simply pull back curtains and let natural sunlight in during the day while you save energy, electricity and money.
  4. Support local business – Take part in a community crop share and purchase goods and services from home-town, local vendors when possible.
  5. Choose Recyclables – whenever you can, look to purchase materials that are recyclable and therefore reusable.
  6. Expand Outdoor Options – look into sourcing herbs and various produce form a small home garden, or consider developing a compost area in your yard which will allow you to compost much of your trash and lower your carbon footprint.
Being green isn’t very hard to do, and it feels great, too.

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