Keep Cool at Sizzling Summer Events

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Use these ideas to make your next summer shindig exceptionally chill

Did the recent heatwave have you sweating? You are not alone. If your next event is planned for the heat of the summer sun, check out these ideas for a cool food spread that is sure to help everyone chill out.

Outdoor events and rooftop gatherings are all the rage, and most planners don’t let the threat of high temperatures and sunshine stop them. But hosting an event under the sun and serving full meals can make guests feel tired and uncomfortable. Consider offering a lighter, cooler spread by pulling in some of these appetizers and hors d’ oeuvres. It will ensure that your offerings remain fresh and crisp.


Think about what can successfully be served chilled, and what won’t wilt or soften in heat. Consider a refreshing Gazpacho, a taste of the ocean with lobster rolls, or summer tacos with fresh peach mango salsa.

  • This Easy Summer Gazpacho from All Recipes uses a flavorful canned tomato sauce and blends in crisp veggies and basil. It also happens to be gluten free.
  • These lovely lobster rolls from Umami Girl could be the perfect sunshine-filled day meal. Start with pre-cooked meal to save time, or select your own fresh lobster at your favorite grocer.
  • Nourish Simply posted this 6-ingredient mini shrimp taco recipe, and they pack some big flavor thanks to their fresh mango salsa.


We’re all about desserts. Keep guests cool by bringing out some beloved ice cream. It can be placed out absolutely frozen, so that it thaws nicely over time. Consider cookie ice cream sandwiches, refreshing sorbet, or even some gelato.

  • Combine two classic favorites: (cookie dough and ice cream) with these amazing ice cream sandwich bites from Delish. Guests will rave and keep cool at the same time.
  • Cleanse the palates of your friends between meals and chill them to the core with home made sorbet. This healthy twist on ice cream is undeniably refreshing—snag these ideas from Cooking Light to get started.
  • It’s never a mistake to go the Italian route with Gelato. This delicious and creamy dessert is always a favorite. There’s lots of options to choose from. Start with these ideas from the Food Network.


Beer is heavy and can make hot guests feel bloated and fatigued. Cue these refreshing summer cocktails—they’ll keep things light and happy. Add a spritz of lime, cucumber or berry to crank up the flavor, and be sure to have plenty of ice on hand.

  • Country Living provides endless ideas and inspiration with this list of 40 refreshing summer cocktails. From margaritas to spritzers with refreshing seltzer, there’s something for absolutely everyone!
  • Don’t forget the wine! Wine slushies are all the rage at wineries everywhere throughout the summer months. Create your own with these quick tips from Woman’s Day!
  • Take guests to the tropics—at least in spirit—with these tropical-flavored summer cocktails from Spoon University.

Just because your next event takes place over the summer, doesn’t mean that guests can’t feel light, airy and breezy. Swap heavy, filling meals for these fresh favorites to keep everyone mingling and having fun.

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