National bake cookies day: Our favorite recipes & traditions

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From snickerdoodles to gingerbread houses, we have you covered!

Cookies have become a true hallmark of the holidays, and are a staple in many households. Some cookie recipes are truly beloved heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations, while others are new-found favorites. Today is National Bake Cookies Day, and we couldn’t think of a better reason to share a few of our favorite recipes, holiday cookie concepts and more. Grab your friends and family and head to the kitchen for some delicious fun!

1 – TAKE A PINCH OF TRADITION – Make gathering with loved ones and cranking out some cookies your new favorite holiday task. Maybe your family already has a cookie that has graced the table over the generations—or maybe it’s up to you to begin this tasty tradition. Either way, there is no sweeter moment. This selection has been termed the “best Christmas cookies” by the Food Network, but there are truly TONS of recipes to choose from. Martha Stewart has listed a few here, and you might just find that the very best cookie recipes are in great-grandma’s old recipe box.

2 – ADD SOME FRIENDLY COMPETITION – Pull in a little extra fun by turning cookie baking into a bit of a competition. Design the best gingerbread home and have a family vote, or do a friendly taste-test with submissions from all of your closest friends. While you may not be able to create a life-size, Disney-worthy gingerbread house, you can certainly have fun trying (and get a little extra-artsy) with some inspiration from these Good Housekeeping photos.

3 – GET BAKING – Throw a cookie-baking party! There’s all different types of fun cookie-themed parties, but one of our favorite types is a cookie-swap party. Have each of your friends bring along one of their favorite recipes and a bunch of ingredients and gather together to laugh, bake and taste all night long. This Cooking Light article breaks down the details of a great cookie-swap party in 4 simple steps. HGTV also shares their cookie party tips, starting with invites here. Share recipes throughout the night to boost everyone’s recipe collections. If your results turn out well, consider selling cookie platters for your favorite charity.

Cookie-baking is much more about the memories you make than it is about the cookies themselves, so treasure each moment with those you love, and don’t worry if every batch isn’t perfection. The memories will be. Enjoy!

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