Our Favorite Winter Recipes

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We’ve pulled together some savory, not-to-miss meals from around the web—just for you.

There’s nothing quite like warm, delicious soups, stews and soul food to warm you up in the cold of winter. We’ve scoured the internet to pull together a few of our very favorites for you. Call up a few friends or loved ones, light a fire in the fireplace, and enjoy a feast!


Personally, we could eat soup all day every day. When done right, soup offers a beautiful blend of fresh ingredients and herbs, and is served piping hot and delicious. The next time you’re craving a savory soup, try one of these—you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Blending the rich flavors of beef broth and sherry, with the savory-sweet blend of onion and smokey, bubbly gruyere, you can never go wrong with a quality crock of French onion soup. Bon Appetit offers this version, which sounds absolutely decadent.
  2. Savory Italian herbs and tomato broth with farm-fresh vegetables and beans combine to make this beautiful version of Italian Minestrone soup from the Food Network.
  3. Simple and simply delicious, this healthy and hearty BBC good food soup blends creamy butternut squash with oven-roasted red peppers—and tons of flavor.



What is a better, more filling meal than a stew? And most can be easily combined and cooked in a crock pot. Great for feeding friends and family and warming the soul, these stews are some of our very faves!

  1. Fix it and forget it—this winter vegetable beef stew is as hearty as a meal, and will feed lots of guests. This version, from Taste of Home, uses chuck roast and just one strip of bacon for a smokey, deliciously-rich flavor.
  2. For something more different and exotic, but also healthy, try this short rib stew with kimchi from Food & Wine. The tender rib meat mixes with oriental flavors to provide something exciting and enjoyable for the palate!
  3. Looking for a healthier stew alternative? This delicious, one-pot recipe from Little Broken uses chicken thighs rather than beef to bring a classic, comforting flavor.



To us, soul food is the ultimate comfort food. From rich, creamy pastas to homemade breads and dips—these dishes are begging to be made, devoured and loved.

  1. Coq Au Vin – This classic French dish blends a rich white wine flavor with fresh herbs, vegetables and tender chicken. Known for its supremely rich sauce, this New York Times version is a beautiful representation of this beloved recipe.
  2. Lasagna – Titled the “World’s Best Lasagna” from All Recipes, this dish has almost perfect ratings, blends cheeses and is well worth the prep work!
  3. Beef Stroganoff – Does it get any more creamy and indulgent than home made beef stroganoff? This delicious one-pan dish from Natasha’s Kitchen blends the rich, earthy flavors of mushrooms with herbs and cream sauce. Your dinner guests will be sure to ask for more.


Winter is a time when many people need extra company and comfort. Hosting a meal and filling up on something delicious is a great way to provide warmth and comfort on multiple levels.

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