The Perfectly-Catered Country Wedding

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6 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Caterer

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we at Geppetto Catering have decided to start a blog series on the art of planning the perfectly catered country wedding. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you over the next several months.

First of all, Congratulations on your engagement! Planning what will be undoubtedly one of the best days of your life should be fun. If you are dreaming of a wedding with country charm, then the perfectly catered country wedding blog will be a valuable tool in creating your amazing celebration. Let us help you create wonderful memories for you and your guests. Your reflections of the venue, flowers, table settings, food and cake will be cherished for years to come. And while it may feel overwhelming, planning the perfect outdoor country wedding is easier than you think.

Your caterer is so much more than a meal-provider. Selecting a great caterer will allow you to focus on your wedding day. They can embody almost everything you need on your big day. Full-service caterers essentially operate as guest service managers, bartenders and interior decorators in providing staff, beautiful linens, plates, and flatware options for your perfect day. They can also provide information to help you build the perfect planning team of coordinators and vendors to create your personal vision.

Amazing food, execution, and scenic ambiance holds all the power on your big day. Guests who are enjoying themselves and their meals will stay longer, have more fun, and spend the evening smiling. Guarantee them great food in a picturesque atmosphere, and they’ll talk about it for years to come.

So where do you start in order to ensure yourself the plated-perfection that you and your guests deserve? Always begin with a few very important questions:

  1. Does the caterer have a license? It is important they do. This means they have met both local and state licensing requirements and health standards. If you are looking to serve alcohol to your guests, you’ll want to make sure that they also carry a liquor license.
  2. Does the caterer offer references? Ask for the names and numbers of previous customers and vendors. They can offer valuable insight to your caterer’s expertise. Be sure to ask your caterer for references of other wedding vendors as well. Experienced wedding caterers will know lots of people in the industry. They can help you to build a team of capable wedding experts.
  3. What is the caterer’s specialty? Does your caterer specialize in a certain cuisine? Looking for farm-to-table catering options? Be open and honest with your wedding caterer on what you are looking for. Make sure your caterer can offer special meal requirements for your guests, if needed. For example, if Aunt Jamie is a vegan, then every aspect of her meal should be too. For your wedding cake options, discuss this initially with your caterer. Clear communication is important since all caterers do not prepare wedding cakes. A lovely cake reflects the ambiance of your special day. Cutting into a beautiful cake is one of the most precious moments of your wedding!
  4. Is the caterer full-service? Your personal touches are of the utmost importance. Selecting a full-service caterer gives you the peace-of-mind to know the food will be flawless. An experienced caterer can handle everything, from the celebratory rice-toss, to the cutting and serving of your wedding cake.
  5. What type of tasting options does the caterer offer? Not only is the menu tasting a fun part of your wedding planning, it will ensure that your meal is flawless. Tasting allows you to see what cuisine options are the best for your country wedding day. Caterers will usually apply the tasting costs to your contract deposit when you sign with them.
  6. What are the caterer’s dates and availability? Have you booked a beautiful, softly-lit barn venue on a certain date? Be sure to check your caterer’s availability initially. Because most weddings occur on the weekends, select dates can fill up quickly–sometimes a year or more ahead of time. Early planning is the key to get your selected date with all of your vendors.

Take a moment to talk to a quality caterer. Their helpful experience and advice will reaffirm your country wedding day is perfect. This country wedding blog series guides you from your initial planning to a picture-perfect day. After all, you are organizing the most wonderful and magical time of your life. Happy wedding planning!

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