Planning a Leisurely Labor Day

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Top tips for hosting a Labor Day celebration to truly enjoy

Labor Day falls on September 2nd this year. The holiday is meant to pay tribute to the all the achievements of the traditional American worker. So many people work so hard to do so many great things, and they are certainly worth celebrating. Labor Day is also known to mark the end of summer, and saying a final goodbye to summer calls for one last celebration, too. If you’re hosting a Labor Day party this year, and you’re looking for some ideas to make it every bit as fun and relaxing as you deserve—we’ve pulled together some of our favorite suggestions in this week’s blog.

GAMES – If the weather allows, simple backyard games are where it’s at. Think of traditional bocce and cornhole, but don’t be afraid to turn up the energy. Mix in some outdoor charades if you have the right group, or consider some “goodbye summer-themed” games, like a water balloon battle. If mother nature doesn’t provide a sunny day, charades can easily be brought inside, but can still provide hours of fun.

FOOD – Again going with the summer theme, this is one of our last chances to hold a party with all of the fresh summer fruits and veggies. Outdoor parties also call for specific meals, as it takes some skill to keep food safe in the heat of summer. Check out this watermelon that also serves as a punch bowl from Food Network, and check out these simple (ready in 30 minutes or less) summer recipes from Taste of Home for some fantastic inspiration.

DRINKS – When it comes to a summer party, it’s all about creating big-batch cocktails that people will enjoy. These ideas from Delish are amazing, and bring all of the fresh flavors that guests typically crave. Don’t be afraid to add some fun touches emphasizing the summer theme, from mini umbrellas to fresh fruit garnishes.

If this is our one last chance to celebrate summer, we have to ensure that it goes off with a bang. Think “summer” each step of the way as you plan an enjoyable, fun Labor Day—but keep things simple for yourself, too. After all, it’s all about taking some intentional time to RELAX.

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