Planning a Wonderful Winter Wedding

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The holiday season is a magical time to get engaged—and to wedding plan!

If an engagement is in your near future this holiday season, and you’re giving yourself a full year to plan, chances are you might be dreaming up a magical winter wedding for next year. With the cooler weather, we’ve been thinking of the same winter magic—from glistening snow to crystal clear icicles. We’ve pulled together our very favorite ideas for capturing all of the awe and beauty that winter can bring, and working them into your wedding festivities.


Winter brings many gorgeous and rich color scheme options—from velvety greens and deep cranberry reds to classic, sparkling mixed metallics and icy whites. No matter what color you choose, incorporating some warm-toned Christmas lights will add extra depth and sparkle and make the entire night truly glow. Grab some golden light strands during after Christmas sales this year, and bathe everything in their glow—from the outside of your venue to the interior décor. But don’t stop there. Post-holiday sales provide the perfect opportunity to stock up on everything festive and save big. Grab garland and wreaths—and ornaments for décor and favors!


Your natural instinct is probably to visit your potential venue in the light of day—but winter calls for a switch up. Ask to schedule venue tours at night instead. During the winter, it gets dark much earlier, and most of your evening reception will likely take place by the light of the moon rather than the sun. It’s important to know what the venue looks like in the evening, and to find a spot that overflows with magic during the twilight.


January and February traditionally offer cheaper pricing across the board when it comes to weddings—from venues to florals and even DJ’s. Be ready to negotiate some super savings, and snag some great prices. If you can avoid dates right around the holidays (like Christmas and New Years,) you’ll tap into much more savings, and guests will have much more availability to come from near and far to attend your happy day.


Consider sprucing up the reception area with warm throws, cozy pillows, shawls and scarves. When dressing your bridal party, think in layers as well. Capes and faux fur shawls were one of 2019’s most popular winter wedding trends. Layers are better than purchasing a warmer dress, so that you can shed them as you celebrate the night away on the dance floor.

Winter weddings have a special charm, so if this holiday season brings an engagement ring your way, consider planning your wedding for the same season. As you get planning, don’t forget to reach out to plan the ideal wedding menu. We’ll help you create something that’s as unique and beautiful as your relationship is.

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