Planning the Perfect Vegan or Vegetarian Wedding

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If you don’t eat meat, don’t dismay—here’s some quick tips to help ensure your vegan wedding food is beautiful and tasty.

If you’ve read our wedding-focused blogs, you know there’s one thing we tend to repeat over and over again: if you’re planning your wedding day—every part of it should reflect you and your (soon-to-be) spouse as individuals. All planning should be about making the day perfect for each of you, and no one else. The menu is no exception to this wedding “golden rule.”

If you and your fiancé are vegan and you feel passionately about this lifestyle, do not hesitate to make the entire feast at your reception vegan, too. You might worry that this will make the meal not appealing to the masses—but this couldn’t be more of a misconception. Vegan and vegetarian food done right tastes delicious. And a fully vegan (or vegetarian) reception will allow you to dance from table to table enjoying every bit of your personal wedding presentation without any worries.

The Wedding Menu: Vegetarian and Vegan Prep

Are you ready to tantalize the taste buds of ALL of your guests with some creative, flair-filled vegetarian food? If you’re leaning this way, here are a few of our top-level tips:

  1. Keep things hush – Don’t tell your guests beforehand that your presented platters will be vegetarian / vegan. Surprise them. This gives them exactly zero time to form any negative misconceptions and gives you all the time to prepare to pleasantly shock them.
  2. Complete a thorough tasting – While planning the perfect menu, ask a non-vegan family member to attend your tasting with you. They can help bring a traditional diet perspective as they taste test and help you to ensure that your options will leave all guests raving.
  3. Talk to us – (Or any trusted caterer.) The experts will have inside-knowledge on how to perfect a vegetarian, vegan, or other diet-specific menu. They’re your trusted resource for putting together the most delicious flavor combinations from start to finish.

Many non-vegans will be quick to judge when they hear that you are planning a vegan wedding menu. But, with nutrient-rich, vegetable-focused options, we’re sure you’ll leave them all in awe!

Fresh (Vegetarian) Food Ideas

Across the internet (and in every quality caterer’s mind) there are amazing and innovative vegan and vegetarian meal ideas. These options from WeddingWire will be sure to inspire your planning. Consider a traditional salad start with crisp, local lettuce and farm-fresh veggies, and add classic vinaigrette dressings. If you’re looking for something creamier, an avocado-based, green-goddess-style dressing is something everyone loves.

When it comes to entrées, don’t be afraid to get creative. From soy pasta dishes to portobello mushroom steaks and fire-roasted vegetables, there are a plethora of flavors and choices out there just waiting to make their grand entrance on your buffet tables.

There’s also no short of vegetarian and vegan desert options. From cakes and cookies to chocolate covered fruit and even ice cream—the hard part will be choosing just a few options. Vegan Heaven put together this lovely list of “drool-worthy” treats…take a peek!

Remember: there is a reason that it’s called YOUR wedding day…and that’s because it’s really all about you. It should be filled with all of your very favorite things, and that certainly includes the menu options. So don’t be afraid to plan vegetarian or vegan if that’s what pleases you. And don’t hesitate to reach out for help. We’d love to chat anytime. We take great pride in helping brides and grooms in Washington D.C., Maryland and surrounding areas plan their perfect weddings. Give us a call to start planning today!

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