Productive Partnerships – Part 1

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Fostering partnerships with local farms is an essential aspect of producing lots of fresh, high-quality catering options. The relationships that we have formed with local farmers over the years mean a lot to us, and enable us to do our job well.

A few of the farm partners we have come to depend on most are: Eco City Farm in Riverdale, MD, Groffs Content Farm in Frederick, MD and One Acre Farm in Boyds, MD. Take a peek at their incredible offerings–you won’t be sorry!

In the next two blogs, we thought we’d provide a few timely highlights discussing some of our farmers-market friends who have lots to offer right now and throughout the year:


What tastes better than juicy summer peaches? Very little, if you ask us! Peaches have often been referred to as “nature’s candy,” and we can’t seem to argue with that logic. We often pair with Blades Orchard to serve up these savory summer treats and stock up on them during PeachPalooza 2017.

Each year, before Blades Orchard’s over-abundance of peaches goes bad, we make sure to snatch them up and put them to good use. The orchard, located on Preston Road in Federalsburg, Maryland has lots of incredible produce offerings year-round. Guests can try before they buy in an on-site tasting room, and purchase wholesale products, too. Wholesale offerings include peaches, strawberries, melons, apples and a variety of vegetables.

Blades Orchard also sells their products at 4 local farmers markets:

  • Camden Avenue Farmers Market – Salisbury, MD – Tuesdays
  • Riverdale Park, MD – Thursdays
  • Annapolis and Easton, MD – Saturdays
  • Annapolis, MD – Sundays

The orchard offers CSA information, too, so you can enjoy all of the deliciousness year-round for a great price!


These handfuls of deliciousness from Food & Wine are a unique and perfectly serving-sized take on a traditional pie recipe. According to the website, you can even make them ahead and freeze them for up to a month before warming them in the oven for an impressive, peachy dessert in no time flat.

There are a million other tremendously tasty recipes involving peaches, from cobblers and jams to cakes, pies and tarts. Support the farm fresh initiatives we’ve been discussing, shop local, and grab some fresh peaches! Visit our Facebook page for a peek at some of our very favorite peach recipes, and take a moment to share your own!

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This is part 3 in our Farm Fresh series.  Read part 1 (It’s Time to Get Fresh) and part 2 (Friend the Farmers).

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