Simple Tips for Everyday Sustainability – Part 1

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Think green and better the earth by making these easy, quick changes

Spring is finally here—and we’re welcoming it with open arms! We can’t wait for sunshine, warmer weather, blue skies, and all things green. As a green-certified caterer, we talk about green things a lot. We talk about the earth and sustainability, and what it all means to us. We see it as our responsibility to give back and protect our planet, you can read more about how we do this in one of our recent blogs. But how do you put the same actions into place at home? In celebration of spring, we’re doing a 2-part blog series on sustainability and breaking down easy, simple ways that you can make a big difference.


  • Ditch plastic shopping bags – Exchange the plastic bags typically given at grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants and pharmacies, and opt for reusable cloth bags instead. Stats say that we use and throw out almost 1 trillion plastic bags per year! That’s an incredible amount. Be a part of the movement to change this scary statistic by carrying reusable cloth bags with you everywhere you go. Keep them in your home, vehicle, or purse so that you’re always ready to pull one out.
  • Ditch plastic bottles – You may think that 1 trillion plastic bags seems like a lot of waste, but we also use and throw out 35 billion plastic bottles in one year alone! When you ditch the plastic shopping bags, make a personal effort to get rid of plastic bottles as well. Grab yourself a reusable bottle (they come in all sorts of fun colors, shapes, and sizes,) and reuse it each day. This will make a huge impact. Not only will it save plastic, it will save water—because it takes about 3 times the amount of water to produce a plastic bottle than it does to fill it!
  • Reduce paper towel use (or eliminate it all together) – Every day, trees are cut down and thousands of gallons of water are used to produce paper towels. In just one 24-hour period, more than 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is made in the U.S. alone. Grab a bunch of soft hand towels in your favorite colors, and use, wash, and reuse them. Sure—you can keep a roll of paper towels out by the sink to start…but challenge yourself to make that roll last longer and longer each time you put it out.
  • Say ‘no’ to paper coffee cups – We all like to start our mornings with coffee, but those disposable coffee cups add up. If you grab just one cup each day, you’ll create almost 23lbs of coffee cup waste in one year’s time. Together, Americans drink 587 million cups of coffee every day—just imagine how many pounds of waste we create combined. The good news is, we can make a BIG difference by combining our efforts, too. Grab a reusable coffee cup and ask Starbucks and Dunkin’ to save their disposable ones for another day.
  • Reuse your plastic cutlery – Yes, we grab plastic, disposable cutlery for picnics and parties, etc., and where does it go after just one use? In the trash. In fact, about 40 billion plastic utensils are thrown away annually in the U.S.—almost always after just a single use. But these utensils aren’t usually broken, so why do we toss them aside? Consider reusing plastic cutlery and saving it for other picnics, parties, work lunches and events.

It’s our shared responsibility to take care of our shared home (the earth.) And we believe there’s amazing power in numbers! Join us by doing these 5 little things to help us make a large difference. Let us know how the think green spring challenge is working for you—or if you have other ideas of small things we can do for a big impact. Chat with us on Facebook, and check back next week when we give 5 more quick tips for mindful sustainability—and thank you for caring and being a part of the green movement!

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