Simple Tips for Everyday Sustainability – Part 2

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If you missed last week’s blog post, take a peek back—we discussed 5 simple tactics that will help you be more green-minded this spring and give back to the Earth. This week’s blog will delve deeper into more of these ideas, specifically ones that concern food. As humans we consume lots of food throughout the year—by being a bit more mindful and aware each time we do, we can make a huge positive impact! Join us on this do-better journey, and check out these super simple tactics.

Eating Clean & Green

  • Commit to Composting – Despite what you might think, it is estimated that about 2/3 of the trash within the average household could be composted. Educate yourself on the composting process, and on which items can and cannot be composted. Then, place a crate outside or create a garden area, and toss compostable products out there rather than sending them to the dump.
  • Friend the Farmers – Purchasing food from your local farmer’s market doesn’t just benefit local business, it’s good for the environment, too. Buying direct spares you from tons of the plastic and cardboard packaging, twist ties, and stickers found in grocery stores. Farmers sell produce seasonally, so you know you’re always getting the healthiest and tastiest products during the peak of their seasons. When you can, visit farmers markets rather than grocery stores. You’ll strengthen your community’s economy and your commitment to bettering the Earth.
  • Grow a Garden – Have you ever heard of the term ‘food miles?’ It refers to the distance that food has to travel (typically being transported by truck) to get to a consumer. The best way to eliminate food miles and the waste and pollution that go along with it is to grab food from nearby—and what’s more nearby than a backyard garden? Test your green thumb by planting some low-maintenance selections first, and expand as you gain knowledge and confidence. You don’t even need to grow produce—even an herb garden will save you trips to the store, time, money and unnecessary packaging.
  • Plan Plant-Based Meals – Having a healthier more conscientious diet can also benefit the planet. Many of the healthier, natural foods are unpackaged, which naturally means less waste. Plants also take significantly less water to produce than meat, in fact, a person who commits to “meatless Mondays” and goes the whole day without meat saves about 1,100 gallons of water!
  • Stop Food Waste We’ve spoken about world hunger before. Way too many people go without eating, and all of the world’s nearly 1 billion hungry people could be feed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted by the U.S., UK and Europe. We definitely toss a lot of food, which is harmful to the earth for a lot of reasons, too, from greenhouse gas emissions to additional food miles by truck. We can do better by working to waste less. The next time you choose your lunch or dish your dinner, be conscious about how much food you take and try to reduce the amount that you waste.

Thank you so much for reading through each part of our sustainability blog series. We can be more powerful and more impactful together, and we’re go glad to have you on our “green team.” If you’re hosting an event and ready to tap into green-minded catering, give us a call at any time. We’re proud to say it’s our specialty.

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