Spring Fling Inspiration

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Host a fun celebration & support your favorite charity

Spring is so close we can practically smell the flowers and see the cherry blossoms budding. It’s been a long winter, and we can’t wait! Across the area, people are planning spring flings to earn money for some very wonderful causes. They are events that we’re all likely familiar with. But…have you ever considered planning your own? Spring fling events aren’t limited to local businesses, organizations and companies. You can host individual flings at home and use the proceeds to support your favorite charity.

Empower your family members and help your kids feel socially conscious and proud by hosting a very purposeful family spring fling this year. We have all the tips to help make planning go smoothly, step-by-step—and to ensure that your results are absolutely amazing.

  • Make choosing your charity a family decision – have each family member suggest what charity they’d most like to support and discuss why. Not only will this help you learn about new charities and new needs, it will bring a well-rounded focus to giving back. After each person discusses the charity of their choice, have a vote and select the best way to give back this spring.
  • Time your fun fling – pick a convenient date, time and venue to host your gathering. This can be difficult in the spring, when sports schedules get busy again and people are spending more time outdoors. Weigh all of your options—your location could be a lavish local space, or as simple as your very own backyard.
  • Discuss details – plan your gathering as you would any other event. Offer delicious food items, entertaining music or games, and décor that sets the scene…but also determine whether you’d like to ask guests to bring cash donations, to donate online, or to bring other items that the charity of your choice most needs. Whether you’re looking for delicious finger foods or a sit-down meal, we are always happy to help take one thing off of your to-do list! See our sample social menus here or our BBQ menus here.
  • Select your guests – choose guests who understand the gift of giving back, and who have the ability to help support your cause. Then, send invites to get them excited about your initiative and your celebration.
  • Plan your delivery – after your family spring fling is over and your donations have been raised, plan a date where the donations can be presented to your chosen charity as a family. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of helping others, and doing so together can be a truly unforgettable experience.

This spring, think outside the box when planning your get-togethers, and consider doing something to help your surrounding community. Not only will it remind your family of what is truly important and make them feel accomplished, it will help those who most need it, too.

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