Take the Stress Out of Holiday Gatherings

Oct 18, 2019 Posted in Tips No Comment

Time is precious. This season, relax and enjoy your loved ones.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah—many important holidays are quickly approaching and will be here before we know it. Unfortunately, the holidays make our busy lives extra busy. Sometimes so much so that our holiday events pass in a blur, giving almost no time for us to enjoy these important gatherings. When you host a holiday event with family or friends, are you usually sitting down laughing with them, or running around the kitchen frantically? If your answer is the kitchen, we have a great solution that you may not have considered before.


Enjoy all of the most important parts of your holiday celebration—your family and friends. Participate in your favorite holiday traditions. Make memories, be present, relax, laugh…and leave the cooking to us. We take great pride in preparing delicious foods that people can truly enjoy as they come together. At Geppetto Catering, we offer a variety of menu items that are delicious—many made from locally-sourced, seasonal and farm fresh foods. We provide your favorite home-cooked flavors while saving you all the work.


We could never replace grandma’s apple pie or Aunt Sue’s secret cookie recipe. And we would never dream of trying. Indulge in your favorite holiday treats but let us supply the rest. From main courses to side dishes and even sweets—we can cover any area that best works for you.


Maybe the very best part of having holiday gatherings catered is being able to be more present in the moment with the people you care about most. That’s what it’s all about. Making more memories that you’ll cherish forever. Not only can we save you time cooking, but we can save you time cleaning as well. Our drop-off dining options can be easily cleaned up and won’t leave you with any pots and pans.

This year, as you plan your favorite holiday celebrations, consider doing things differently and treating yourself to more time with family and friends. Reach out to us to ask questions, discuss more menu options, or plan. We’d love to help you! Contact us today.

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