It’s Time to Get Fresh

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It is no secret that as far as food is concerned, fresh, green, farm-to-table ingredients are all the rage. As a whole, the population is becoming increasingly educated about the impact that what we eat can have on our health, and is therefore making ever-growing efforts to consume healthier food options.

In the catering industry, we hear fresh food requests from customers time and time again, and we love it. Not only does this health-conscious eating push benefit our bodies by encouraging us to craft new and delicious recipes, but it helps support local agriculture and hard-working farmers as well.


To replicate this small-farm supporting, beneficial eating at home, you may want to look into Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA affords country and city residents alike direct, easy access to healthy, high-quality produce from local and regional farmers.

Boosting your health and helping local farms. What could be better?

Getting involved in a local CSA means that you are purchasing a (small or large) share of fresh produce from a farmer. Between the months of June and November, this typically entitles you to either a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh fruits and veggies which you can pick up at a previously determined neighborhood location. After pick-up, you just take your “surprise” shipment home and get imaginative with your upcoming week’s menu.


In an effort to encourage healthy eating, some employers offer employees CSA memberships and have the produce packages delivered to the office. No matter where you sign up for a CSA, members typically purchase their prized produce for a certain number of months up-front, which, depending on shipment sizes, often ranges from $200-$650. These pre-payments afford farmers the ability to plan for future produce seasons, purchase new seeds, and make much-needed equipment updates or repairs.

CSA shares go a long way, and typically feed an entire family. Some CSA shares offer add-ons depending on what each partnering farm produces, including eggs and meat or fresh fruits and flowers. In addition, some farmers choose to offer winter CSAs, which are rarer, and often produce lots of delicious root veggies for savory soups and stews.


Get in on the CSA action with these D.C. and Maryland offerings. Live outside of the area? A quick google search for CSA and your location is sure to turn up some delicious results!

In the next blog…we’ll further discuss the farm-to-table movement, gloriously green recipe favorites, and some ways to support your local farms and help ensure that the fabulous flavors they bring us will always be there.

This is part 1 in our Farm Fresh series. Read part 2 (Friend the Farmers).

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