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Your “Day of” wedding preparations should be wrapping up by the week of the wedding. At this point, the creation and finalization of your official timeline should be complete. Bring yourself some peace throughout this process by writing out your timeline, making it easier to see gaps, overlaps, or any areas that might require tweaks in planning, and then letting go and enjoying each little moment leading up to your big moment.

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Ensure that your vendors know the overall timeline and that they are able to properly work together, especially if they have not done so before. It can be greatly beneficial to book vendors who have been in the industry for some time and who have worked alongside of each other many times before. This helps to make the process seamless.

Whether they have worked together before or not, vendor arrival times should be properly staggered throughout the morning of the wedding. If you have ordered a dance floor, for example, be sure that the vendor bringing tables and chairs does not arrive first and set up. Provide a clearly thought-out order of arrival, and give everyone important a copy of this schedule.

Josh Carin of Geppetto Catering explains, “During the week of a wedding we will be catering, we’re busy making sure that all of the pieces to the puzzle are in place for our couples. We’re confirming vendor details down to the smallest ones, calling all of the players involved, and watching the weather.”

Although no one truly wants it to rain on their wedding day (even if it is supposed to be good luck), it’s best to prepare in case of sudden, unpredicted inclement weather. Talk to your caterer and other vendors to ensure that they are ready for various weather possibilities. Again, finding seasoned professionals who have plenty of experience working events in all kinds of weather conditions with the ability to make last-minute adjustments can greatly pay off.

Inform everyone of your important day-of decisions, as well. These will affect the overall timeline. Will you be taking photos before the ceremony, for example? Will you be giving the groom a “sneak peek,” or seeing him for the first time as you walk down the aisle? Making sure that everyone involved knows every detail will help them to provide better service all day long, and will help you to begin to relax during this final stretch.

As the day of arrives, you should be able to breathe easy knowing that things are in good hands, so sit back and take it all in. This day is about you and it will go by in a minute. Try your best to absorb every moment. We wish you a truly fairytale-worthy happily-ever-after!

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