Welcome Back, Baseball!

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America’s favorite pastime is back in season.

If you love the sound of swinging bats and cracking home run hits, you are far from alone. Baseball teams across the nation are quite literally getting back into the swing of things as we speak. As spring comes closer (and spring training is underway) and people gather to cheer on their favorite teams, we pulled together a few ideas for hosting a ballgame-themed party that’ll really knock it out of the park!


We’ve scoured high and low for the best baseball-themed cocktail ideas, and we were not disappointed! Our very favorite was found on party ideas by a pro, and uses mini plastic fishbowls to house the drinks. Step 2? Get a red sharpie marker and make classic baseball stitches on the mini fishbowl containers, creating your own “baseball” cocktail. Then, fill with any white, creamy drink (for example a white Russian,) for a truly on-the-ball drink! Looking for other ballgame-inspired cocktails? Party ideas by a pro has more great ones—from a cracker jacks cocktail to a cotton candy cosmo. Check out their recipes and some mouth-watering photos here. For kid-friendly versions, peek a bit further down the page.


Classic ballgames are all about classic foods, from all sorts of fun hot dog flavors to french fries and popcorn. Consider serving up a gourmet hot-dog line-up, where guests can add all sorts of fun toppings, from candied bacon to spicy mustard, and select from a variety of fun buns like pretzel bread or sourdough. Then, add a big bowl of popcorn with a scoop, and let them bag it up and add their favorite seasonings, from truffle oil and shaved Romano cheese to Old Bay. What other great flavors remind you of catching a game at the stadium? Pay tribute to all of the best ball park tastes by bringing them, in unique and creative ways, to your kitchen.


Have your guests come wearing the jersey of their very favorite players of all time, and pay tribute to some of America’s true greats by sharing stories, playing video clips and dressing the part. Pick up a few player-themed treats for goodie bags or snack bowls, from Babe Ruth candy bars and number cookies to cracker jack boxes and pretzel rods designed to look like bats. It’s always a blast to reminisce about baseball legends and discuss their standout plays. Looking for a take-home treat? Consider bags of big-league chew or salty sunflower seeds in a variety of flavors.

This spring, consider paying tribute to America’s favorite past time by hosting friends and family for a baseball-themed get-together. There’s nothing not to love about spending your day celebrating the all-stars, coaches and teams that we all love so much.

If you need some help planning you’re next event, don’t forget that we are always here and are a full-service caterer. From connecting you the right vendors to bringing mouth-watering menu items, we’re happy to help. Reach out at any time!

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