What does it mean to be a fully-green caterer?

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Sometimes, it’s not easy bee-ing green.

Did you know that we used to have hives with active honey-producing bees right on the roof of our building?  This past summer I was stung on my head, went into anaphylactic shock and was sent to the hospital where I almost died. Unfortunately, because of this, we had to remove the bees from the premises. Although we no longer have our bees onsite, we still use a number of sustainable practices to help protect our planet.

How else does Geppetto Catering “Go Green”?

We focus on making each individual aspect of our operations clean and sustainable, so we break down all of our required tasks and evaluate how we can make them friendliest to the earth. When we cater events, we take pride in the clean-up, recycling every product that we’ve put to use, from plastic, paper, and cardboard to cans and glass bottles. Every bit of waste produced will go on to be purified and repurposed. In addition, we use:

  • Recycling – why limit reuse? Our recycling efforts don’t stop at glass, plastics, paper and cans. The uniforms we wear each day are made of 100% recycled cotton. We also recycle all of the cooking oils that we use during events. It can be turned into biodiesel fuel. To capture everything, we also use a self-contained grease trap that collects any grease runoff and prevents it from entering the water table and polluting natural water resources.
  • Nature– mother nature is our favorite resource! Fresh herbs and spices make everything taste so much better, so we use as many natural resources as we possibly can. At Geppetto Catering, we keep our own gardens and grow all sorts of produce, spices and herbs that we pick ourselves, keeping the ingredients of our recipes as fresh and tasty as possible.
  • Wind– our facility is partially powered by the breeze. Well, maybe not the breeze, as much as a good, strong wind, but wind energy helps us to generate a clean power source. Wind is considered “clean” because it doesn’t pollute the air the way that plants that require combustion to make fossil fuels do. Check out all of the benefits listed by gov here.
  • Composting– what’s composting? It’s basically allowing organic matter to decompose and go back to the earth. We compost all our trash by selecting special eating utensils and serving platters that allow for this. We also compost all leftover food. This enables us to dispose of things in a very mindful way, and it enriches the soil, too, allowing for better growth of herbs, plants, produce and seasonings.
  • Purchasing locally– the farmlands around our facility are absolutely incredible, and another one of our ultimate favorite resources! We always show support to our local farms by using their produce and even getting many of our wines from this community, too. We are firm believers in shopping small.
  • Conserving– we work to conserve all the resources we use, from foods to electricity and even water. Our building’s faucets are low-flow, which means they put out less water, and our lights have sensors on them, so they can automatically turn off whenever no movement is sensed in the room. We extend the life of our out-of-season produce by canning and preserving it for year-round use in many amazing recipes.

Without a focus on being green, we really wouldn’t be “Geppetto Catering.” It’s part of our identity and our main mission, and something that helps to set us apart from many other caterers. This makes us so proud. If you want a sustainable event that you can feel even better about, we’d love to help you anytime!

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