Winter Engagements and the Best Wedding Planning Advice

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If you’re recently engaged, listen up.

‘Tis the season for engagements—and what a magical time that is! We absolutely LOVE weddings and wedding planning, but if you just said “yes,” we have a few important messages for you to hear right away…

1 – CONGRATULATIONS – Marrying the love of your life (and the planning that ensues to create the perfect day for each of you) is so very special. Be sure to have fun with it. These quick-tips from Huffington Post will help you avoid stress and keep things enjoyable throughout the process. Consider this moment an amazing one, and take steps to ensure that each part of the planning can and will be amazing, too.

2 – TAKE YOUR TIME – We understand that your initial reaction might be to jump right in to wedding planning. You might feel like this is a must—and some vendors will certainly make you feel the same way, rushing you into quick decisions and stressing deadlines. We’re here to tell you the exact opposite right away: it’s important to ignore that pressure and know that there is time to plan. Move at your own pace, and don’t be fooled by those who try to tell you otherwise. The right vendors will work with you to make your wedding dreams come true—no matter the timeline. In fact, select your perfect wedding vendors with these tips. The most critical decision to happen early is typically venues, and it can be easy to get caught up in the games of snagging your “must-have” space. Remaining open to venue options and browsing slowly will help you get better deals. So take your time knowing that there’s always another beautiful venue, and the right one will work out whether you’re ready to sign the contract by 1pm or not.

3 – MAKE IT ALL ABOUT YOU – As wedding planning goes on, it can easily become about other people. From the beginning, it should be all about you and your fiancé, and this focus should never go away. Instead of wondering what people might want to eat, what music they will enjoy dancing to or what activities they might enjoy throughout the evening, consider ways to make your day all about you and your love. The food, music and activities should all reflect your relationship and represent what you love most. Don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s your wedding. Check out our 3 favorite ways to personalize your wedding here.

Out of all of the wedding planning advice out there, (and there certainly is a LOT of it,) we truly feel that these simple sentiments are the very best. Dream up a truly magical day together, take your time ensuring that everything is right for you rather than feeling pushed and persuaded into quick decisions, and be sure that each detail of your day is all about you.

For help with planning, vendor advice, or big-day brainstorming, reach out at any time!

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