Give a Meal and Help the Community

Times like these push us to find the “new normal” and remind us to think on our toes. Last week, as a caterer we watched event after event get cancelled, and we know that more cancellations are sure to come. These cancellations serve an important purpose, and are totally understandable, but they leave us with a new challenge to tackle: how can we keep our hourly workers, who greatly depend on the income from their jobs, at work?

A mantra that means a lot to us as a company is: see a need; fill a need. The current climate is one that has created new needs across our community. While observing these needs we got a wonderful idea that could not only help others across the area, but could also help ensure that we are able to continue the work that we love do.

We have created a special “Give a Meal” menu that has options for all different palates and diets, and we are partnering with United Way of the National Capital Area, Jubilee Housing, and Goodwill of Greater Washington to aid us in identifying individuals that may be in need. These pre-made meals are at a drastically reduced cost, and we have completely waived our delivery fees. We will deliver these meals in foil containers so that they can be reheated as needed. When delivering, we will call to make sure the intended recipient is home, and will then place the meal on their doorstep, so that there so that there is no hand-to-hand contact.

Please join us in participating in the “Give a Meal” program, and in creating a smile or two in the process!

Where do you see a need?

  • A member of your own community who might be overwhelmed
  • A kind gesture to those who are teleworking or who cannot work at this time
  • A “thank you” to those who are working overtime to help our community stay safe and healthy
  • A helping hand to our area’s older or immune-compromised citizens, who may not be as able to cook a meal or grocery shop at this time
  • A friendly smile to those who cannot be with their loved ones at this time.
  • An anonymous gift made by contacting United Way of the National Capital Area, Goodwill of Greater Washington, and Jubilee Housing who will work on your behalf to find someone in need of a meal donation

How to fill the need?

  • Give us a call at the office, or place your order online. Use code “GiveAMeal” at checkout for free delivery.
  • Shortly after placing your order, you will receive a contract via email from one of our representatives.
  • If everything looks correct, give us a call to prepay over the phone or fill out our credit card authorization form.
  • All orders must be placed by 3:00pm the day prior to the delivery. An order is not confirmed until payment has been processed.

Nothing brings people together quite like a good meal. Although we can’t be together the way we’d like to right now, we hope to send the same warm feelings with an unexpected, caring gesture that will be both meaningful and memorable.

Schedule your “Give a Meal” order today!

Give A Meal Menu